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A Journal of Early Childhood Care & Education

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Unravelling the Wrinkly Universe inside the Head!

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Implementing Innovative Pedagogy in Early Years: Play at the Core

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A Journal on Early Childhood Care and Education

Navtika, a Journal on Early Childhood Education (ECE) focusses on the Foundational years of a child and the role of education. Focus on Early Childhood Education is imperative because it forms the foundation upon which children can learn how to process information in an effective manner. The period from birth to eight years old is one of remarkable brain development for children and represents a crucial window of opportunity for education. Given children are the next generation leaders, countries across the globe are collaborating and strategizing to increase and improve investment in this early childhood care and education as an essential and integral part for attaining lifelong learning societies and sustainable development. Read more

Vision & Scope

Our Vision

Nurturing a lifelong a love for learning in early childhood education through innovative approaches and discovery based methods, shaping the future of young minds.
Aim & Scope

A large readership, including policymakers, researchers, and practitioners, receives research and analysis about important topics of child care and education policy relating to young children and their families from this journal. It welcomes submissions of articles on policy changes, empirical research on early childhood education and care.

Navtika Journal

A journal of early childhood care and education

Nurturing a lifelong love for learning in early childhood education through Innovative approaches, and discovery-based methods, shaping the future of young minds.

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Key Highlights of Navtika

Research Excellence

Explore the latest research in early childhood development, pedagogy, and education in Navtika Journal.

Child-Centric Focus

Explore articles highlighting child-centered learning, play based education, and social-emotional development in early childhood education.

Innovative Approaches

Discover innovative strategies and practices to enhance early childhood education in our journal.

Professional Insight

Stay updated with professional development opportunities and educational policy discussions in Navtika Journal.


These platforms provide guidance to understand the changing paradigm in the field of education. The discussion based learning interactive fora emphasises on expressing one’s thoughts, facilitating intense deliberations for exchanging information and best practices among the participants.

Case studies

Case studies offer theoretical concepts, research findings, or methodologies that are applied in real-world situations.By examining a specific case in-depth, they can identify patterns, or principles that may apply to broader contexts thus offering a holistic view of a particular issue. The publication of case studies further create opportunities for future research.


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