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The History of Salwan Education Trust dates back to 5th December 1941.

Salwan Educational Trust

About Our Founder

Late Pt. Girdhari Lal Salwan, founder, Salwan Education Trust was born in the year 1902 in a remote village of Kartarpur, Punjab.

His pragmatism urged him to venture forward and set up Salwan Education Trust at Peshawar, Pakistan in 1941. Thus, came into existence Salwan Sanatan Dharam High School for Boys and Salwan Sanatan Dharam High School for Girls. These schools, standing tall in Peshawar, till date, are a living tribute to the dynamism of this philanthropic personality who had dared to dream.

The Partition of India in 1947,brought him to Delhi, where he continued his untiring efforts towards ‘ Education For All’ . His Vision took shape with the allotment of a piece of land, by the Ministry of Rehabilitation for the purpose of establishing a school. Thus, came into being, in the year 1949, the Salwan Boys School building, followed by Salwan Girls School in 1952 and Salwan Public School in 1953.

Today 8 schools are running successfully under the aegis of the Salwan Education Trust working relentlessly in shaping young achievers and contributing to Mission Education.


Our Mission

Our commitment at NAVTIKA is to provide excellence in content and resources for the benefit of teachers, parents, and caregivers. We are dedicated to fostering the well-being and development of children in their early years.

Our Vision:

At NAVTIKA, our vision is to empower caregivers with the knowledge and resources they need to ensure the well-being and development of young children in their crucial early years.

Feedback and Engagement:

We encourage you to provide feedback, share your stories, or inquire about contributing to NAVTIKA. Join our community and connect with us on social media platforms.

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